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Please note: Using our Academy hotel helps us reach the minimum room block that permits us to obtain substantially reduced prices for our meetings. Failing to meet that bloc can lead to a substantial cost penalty to the Academy. Please consider impacts on the Academy if considering other housing. 

If you need assistance with finding roommates to help offset room costs, please contact our meeting Manager, Courtney Murtaugh ([email protected]). 

Registration, Dues, and Reservations

Registration and hotel reservations will open for the Annual Meeting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, January 2-5, 2022 in September 2021.


 Our live, regularly updated schedule will be available through Sched by late fall 2020.


If you have any questions regarding the 2022 meeting please contact Courtney Murtaugh via email - [email protected]

Consider a Sponsorship!

Learn more about our sponsor recognition program.

Event Sponsors (organizational logos will be posted here)

Special housing requests (retired, roommates, accessible rooms)

Contact Courtney Murtaugh if you have questions about rooms.

Looking for a roommate? If you are looking for a roommate, we can put you in touch with others who are looking to share a room.

Accessible rooms can also be requested.

For a retired rate, roommate request, or accessible room, contact Courtney Murtaugh.

Scholarship requests

Click here to apply for a scholarship.

Important deadlines

  • Apply for scholarships by November 1. Download the NAAL scholarship form

  • Apply for first time visitor status by November 1.

  • Register for the meeting by November 19 for early registration rate.


Click here for information on seminars, the heart of the NAAL annual meeting.

Pre-meetings and Sidebars

A number of denominations and associations offer pre-meetings during Thursday morning and early afternoon on the day of the Opening Rite (Thursday evening). Pre-meeting coordinators, contact Courtney Murtaugh as soon as possible to arrange pre-meeting details.

Sidebar conversations are ad hoc occasions for Academy members and visitors to convene around particular interests that are distinct from seminar work

Contact Meeting Manager Courtney Murtaugh if you would like to organize a Sidebar for the 2020 Atlanta meeting.

If you want to lead a sidebar conversation, contact the NAAL President as soon as possible.


Please contact Michael Prendergast, exhibit coordinator, for information regarding exhibits.

NAAL members may contact Michael if you have a recently (2013-present) or newly published book coming out before the 2020 Annual Meeting. He will advise you about the possibility of having a display copy present at the meeting.

Voting by Proxy

If you are a member who is unable to attend the annual meeting, you may vote by proxy by submitting your request in writing to the Secretary in advance of the business meeting.  Requests should name the member voting as proxy and may be hardcopy or email.

NAAL Promotes Green

In an effort to be socially responsible regarding the environment, we have taken a proactive approach to be as green as possible while planning for the Annual Meeting. The North American Academy of Liturgy recognizes that our work may have a direct or indirect effect on the local, regional and global environment. We are committed to reducing harmful effects on the environment that are a result of our meeting.

Worship at the Annual Meeting

Over the years NAAL has developed a pattern of worship that takes account of our identity as an academic society that is ecumenical and interfaith. Under the direction of the Academy's President, worship is planned each year to include two occasions of intentionally interfaith and ecumenical worship.  Other opportunities for worship, including those planned by a particular faith tradition, may be included on the Annual Meeting schedule.

  • The Academy meeting opens with an interfaith Rite of Thanksgiving and Remembrance, at which we give thanks for all that has been during the past year and we remember Academy members who have died during the previous year.

  • At the Academy banquet, we offer a table prayer. Our table prayers are created by Academy members for this occasion.

  • A simple interfaith service may mark the conclusion of the meeting.

  • Other worship opportunities during the Academy meeting may occur, and may be drawn from one of the worship traditions represented by Academy members.

All members and visitors, and their traveling companions, are welcome at any occasion of Academy worship and participate to the extent that they are able.

Statement on Accessibility

The NAAL endeavors to make all NAAL meetings accessible to all participants. All persons with accessibility needs are encouraged to indicate these when registering. The annual Academy meeting is held in a hotel in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, 1990).

Statement on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

As an ecumenical and inter-religious association of liturgical scholars, the pursuit of more equitable, diverse, and inclusive practices is core to our scholarship and membership.

Our approach to liturgical scholarship includes critical liturgical reflection and examination of race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, abilities, age, national origin, religious and ecclesial affiliation, political and theological commitment, marital/parental/domestic status, and more.

We reject any individual or guild conduct that would limit or harm the diversity of scholarship and membership within the Academy.

Our first gathering in 1973 followed the liturgical innovations of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), and it blossomed alongside movements of liturgical renewal. More recently, the work of the Academy has engaged critical theories of postcolonialism, race, gender, sexuality, and class to name a few. Going forward, we aim to flourish with sustained attention to the array of sacramental and ritual experiences, and widen our focus upon equity, diversity, and the inclusion of all persons as cornerstone commitments to our scholarly and doxological work.

Future meetings

Upcoming meetings are scheduled for the following dates and cities.

2022: January 2-5Toronto

2023: January 2-5Kansas City 

2024: January 2-4 | Seattle

Image Credit: Sheraton Atlanta Hotel

Past Meetings

Read about the history of our annual meetings including various locations, award recipients, plenary addresses and much more!

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