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Eucharistic Prayer and Theology


Carl Rabbe
3260 W 98th St.
Evanston, IL 60805
[email protected]

Mission Statement

This  seminar is a scholarly application of the lex orandi, lex credendi axiom. It devotes its sessions to the study of both the classical Eucharistic Prayers and to the new Eucharistic Prayers of modern or relatively modern national, ethnic or church groups. The studies, based on papers written by members of the group, or on Eucharistic Prayers written or selected by them, have alternatively a literary and a theological focus, depending on the nature of the work being discussed.

2019 Academy Meeting Agenda

Friday, January 4, 2019
Orientation to Seminar and Welcome to Visitors
Presentation - Fred Anderson, "Eucharist as Actualized Atonement and Realized
Remaining Presentations - TBA

Saturday, January 5, 2019
Presentation - Carl Rabbe, "Prayer and Proclamation in Lutheran Eucharistic Praying"
Remaining Presentations - TBA
Review of Seminar and Planning for 2020

2018 Seminar Agenda

Precise schedule determined during opening session, Thursday, January 5, 10 am.

Bob Daly: Further reflections on ecological euchology, with his Eucharistic Prayer that we have been discussing in past meetings;

John Rempel asked if we would discuss and send comments on his new eucharistic prayer for the Lord’s Supper.

Brent Peterson: Luther and the notion of sacrifice plus a new eucharistic prayer that he has been working on;

Ecology and Liturgy seminar + Liturgical Language seminar would like to join us on Saturday morning session to discuss together with us Gail Ramshaw’s recent book, Pray, praise, and Give Thanks. A Collection of Litanies, Laments, and Thanksgivings at Font and Table. Augsburg Press 2017. Gail Ramshaw will be with us and we will spend a good amount of time discussing the book.

Finally, Catherine Vincie on the eucharistic prayer that she wrote a few years back and which she put in her book onWorship and the New Cosmology. Liturgical and Theological Challenges. Liturgical Press, 2014, pp. 105-108