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Exploring Contemporary and Alternative Worship


The Rev. Nelson Cowan, PhD (Cand.)
[email protected]

Mission Statement

The members of and visitors to this seminar track developments in “contemporary” worship (seeker services, praise-and-worship services, convergence worship, and “traditional” services that “blend” in elements from these other kinds of services). We research particular faith communities’ worship, as well as the general trends in worship and music styles, liturgical art, architecture, and seminary education for those preparing to become worship leaders in these worship settings, Protestant and Catholic.

2018 Seminar Agenda

Friday, January 5
Lester Ruth and See Hong Lim, “The WFX Technology Conference with Implications for Contemporary/Modern Worship”

Lester Ruth and Swee Hong Lim, "Merging the Streams: Pentecostal and Mainline Origins of Contemporary Worship"

Nelson Cowan: “Liturgical Biographies at Hillsong New York City: Data and/or Theology?”

Saturday, January 6
9:30am-noon Pronouns in Worship Taylor Burton-Edwards, “Pronouns and Titles Addressing God in the 2017 CCLI Top 100”

Convener Election and Planning for 2019