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Formation for Liturgical Prayer


Patricia Hughes
Diocese of Dallas
2929 Wycliff Avenue, Apartment 2209
Dallas, TX  75219-2651
[email protected]


Mission Statement

The Formation for Liturgical Prayer seminar is shaped by a commitment to cultivating a profound awareness and analysis of the forces that affect formation for liturgical prayer. To achieve this purpose, the seminar members reflect, study, and dialogue on the ecclesial, social, psychological, pastoral, and cultural conditions that bear upon the celebration of liturgy. Embedded in the mission of the seminar is the development of scholarly writing to support the vision of the seminar.

Summary of 2019 Seminar Building on a rich discussion of Katarina Schuth’s Seminary Formation (2016, LitPress) in 2018’s seminar work, coupled with a strong desire to reflect spiritually, theologically, and pastorally about how seminarians are formed for liturgical prayer, seminar work involved further, deeper discussion by the liturgical theologians who were present. What was originally imagined as a pastoral, theological article became a work to encompass ten key topics (at most). These topics were given substance on the final morning of work, to take a written shape for the2020 Seminar with a contribution from each Seminar member. Members will each select a topic, inviting challenge and critique from colleagues in 2020.

Summary of 2018 Seminar A multifaceted discussion based on the 2017 review of Seminary Formation (Katarina Schuth, OSF, Liturgical Press, 2016) surfaced questions: 1) does current seminary formation indicate a profound misunderstanding of the common priesthood of the faithful, and 2) how do persons understand the notion of “church”— what is the ecclesial vision of the communion of the baptized, and 3) how is baptism understood as the common ground, plus the ontological change that happens in both baptism and the sacrament of orders? Major concern focused on appropriate, concrete liturgical formation, based on an (re)appropriation of some of the key components of Sacrosanctum Concilium. Review of 4 submissions outlining (priest or deacon) academic formation programs added to the depth of the discussion.

Friday January 3
Introductions/check in
Adjustments of topics/review goals
Review and welcome
Facilitated discussion: from Pope Francis’ Disciples on the Road, “Remember Where You Were Taken From: Address on the Fiftieth Anniversary of Optatum Totius and Presbyterorum Ordinis” P.Hughes Seminar work

2:15-3:45  Combine with Christian Initiation Seminar 
Facilitated discussion/Presentation by Paul Turner on the Order of Baptism of Children

4:30-6 p.m. Other Seminar Work

Saturday, January 4
Various presentations to be scheduled
No previous reading required, but familiarity with Katarina Schuth’s seminal work is helpful.) Possible exploration of Thomas Gaunt, S. J. (Jesuit of the Maryland Province, and Executive Director of the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate), ed., Book: Pathways to Religious Life, 2018. (Oxford University Press)