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Formation in Liturgical Prayer



Anne C. McGuire
Maria Stein Shrine
2291 St Johns Rd
Maria Stein, OH 45860
[email protected]


Mission Statement

The Formation for Liturgical Prayer seminar exists to cultivate a profound awareness of the forces affecting the formation of the faith community for liturgical prayer. To achieve this purpose the seminar studies and reflects on the ecclesial, social, psychological, and cultural conditions brought to bear on the celebration of the liturgy.

2014 Academy Meeting Agenda


10:30a Review of plans for the seminar at this meeting     

Follow-up for Liturgical Catechesis Project with FDLC proposals presented for afternoon discussions

1:30p Discussion of Liturgy: Sacrosanctum Concilium by Rita Ferrone

3:30p Formation of the Assembly: 
            begin discussion of proposals
            prioritize emphasis of proposed project
            outline procedure to integrate elements from proposals



9:00a Formation of the Assembly continued

1:30p Individual contributions through 2014 and for 2015 meeting


2013 Academy Meeting Agenda


10:30a Paul Janowiak, Overview of CSL discussion of The Genius of the Roman Rite by Keith Pecklers. Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2009.

1:30p Continue discussion of The Genius of the Roman Rite

Begin discussion of “SC to GIRM, and Beyond: The Ars Celebrandi” by David Power, from Liturgical Ministry, Volume 20, Winter 2011, pp. 1-12.

3:30p Continue discussion of Power article

Ken Hannon, “Key documents on Implementation of CSL”

Anne McGuire, “The Sanctoral Cycle: where we are now in light of CSL”



10:00a Continue any discussions not yet completed membership prepared responses:  What kind of formation would be valuable, thinking ahead to the 50th anniversary of CSL?

1:30p Continue discussions

Report on Liturgical Catechesis project with FDLC

Plans for 2014

2012 Academy Meeting Agenda

Discussion of Receiving the Council (Ladislas Orsy, Collegeville, MN: Michael Glazier, 2009)

BILL JOHNSTON – Pope Benedict XVI: Friend or Foe of the Liturgical Reform?

The publication progress of Lectionary Catechesis Project, Cycle B

Individual sections of Lectionary Catechesis Project, Cycle C (work-in-progress)

GAËTAN BAILLARGEON – Formation in Dioceses

JOSEPH DOUGHERTY – Work with the Philadelphia Liturgical Institute

ROC O’CONNOR – Participation: Connecting Liturgy and Mission

JOYCE ANN ZIMMERMAN – Vatican II: Where We’ve Come and Where We’re Going


2010 Academy Meeting Agenda

1.   Discussion of Robert Daly’s Sacrifice Unveiled: The True Meaning of Christian Sacrifice

2.   Begin work on a foundational catechesis from and on the liturgy by looking at the three year Sunday cycle of readings, outlining connections between them and liturgical catechesis, writing a series of homily points to address these connections, and offering complementary music, texts, and rites that would be appropriate for each Sunday.  During this year’s seminar we will:

a) explore the readings of Year A;

b) focus on the Sunday readings for Advent, along with the readings for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception and the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe;

c) develop a catechesis from the readings;

d) share suggestions of music fitting the readings and/or solemnity/feast;

e) share suggestions for liturgical environment;

f) reflect on the primary symbols of the season or feast and rituals associated with them.

2009 Academy Meeting Agenda

1.  Paul Janowiak will submit two to three chapters of his book in progress concerning the four presences of Christ in liturgy

2.  Rodica Stoicoiu will present an article on Silence in Liturgy

3.  Discussion of Meeting Mystery by Nathan Mitchell, with this question in mind: "How does this insight help me take a step forward in understanding better the project of Liturgical Formation?"

2008 Academy Meeting Agenda

1. Discussion of a paper by Anne McGuire on “Daily Prayer, Daily Living.”

2. A presentation by Patty Hughes on “Priest, Prophet, King.”

3. Discussion on the formation of the Christian Assembly.

  • Discussion, led by Scott O’Brien, on David Power’s Love Without Calculation. “How do we as formators of liturgical assemblies promote full and active participation when catechesis and canonical regulations of the liturgy often reduce liturgical participation to obligation evidenced in a piety and spirituality that is more comfortable with barter, negotiation and contract than with gift freely given, received and shared ‘for the life of the world?’”
  • Dovetailing with last year’s discussion of Paul Philibert’s work, Stewardship of God’s Mysteries: Priestly Spirituality in a Changing Church.

Number of participants: 17-18