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Modern History of Worship


Katharine E. Harmon 
Marian Univeristy
Indianapolis, IN 46222
[email protected] 

Interim Convener, Kent Burreson
2500 Hartland Ave.
Saint Louis, MO 63114-63114
[email protected]


Mission Statement

The work of the Modern History of Worship Seminar focuses on analyzing the history, theology, and practice of worship from the 16th century to the present with an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches and methods and practical application for the church today.

Friday, January 3, 2020
8:30-10:15am Seminars

Greetings and introductions of current work
Kevin Moroney: Liturgy for Mission: An Interpretation of Resolution A068

10:15am-2:15pm Available Field Trip to MLK Historical Park and neighborhood

2:15-3:45pm: Joint Session with Culture and Liturgy Seminar
Guest Presenter, Dr. Catherine Meeks, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Absalom Jones Center for Racial Healing, Atlanta, GA

4:15-6:00pm: Joint Session with Culture and Liturgy Seminar
Presentations on Congregational Studies
Ruth Meyers (Culture and Liturgy)
Kent Burreson and Rhoda Schuler (Modern Worship )

Saturday, January 4, 2020
Todd Stepp: World Methodist Worship
Sarah Mount Elewononi: Focusing on the Work of God: Worship for Present Day Ecclesiolae in Ecclesia. 

Timothy Gabrielli: Faith and Doubt in Twentieth Century Sacramental Catechetical Materials
Timothy O’Malley: Liturgical Formation in Newman

Planning for NAAL January 2021 (Seattle, WA)

 2019 Seminar Agenda

Friday, January 4

Greetings and introductions of current work

Martin Connell, “Sacraments in the Work of Emily Dickinson”

Kyle Schiefelbein, "Musings on Digital Pastoral Liturgy"

Kent Burreson (& Rhoda Schuler) “Making Christians: Exploring the Formative 
        Impact of the Adult Catechumenal Process”

Shawn Strout, "A Liturgical Theology of the Offertory as Practiced by the Churches of         the Anglican Communion"

Sarah Blair, “50 Years: Uniting Conference of the EUB and Methodist Merger in

Saturday, January 5
Clare V. Johnson, “Big fish, small pond: Archbishop Guilford Young - the post-
         conciliar years”

Katharine E. Harmon, “Women Religious and the 20th century Roman Catholic
         Liturgical Movement”

Rychie Breidenstein, “Presentation for Modern Worship”

Planning for NAAL January 2020