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Liturgical Hermeneutics


Ron Anderson
2121 Sheridan Rd
Evanston, IL60201
[email protected]

Mission Statement

The intent of this group is to engage in critical exploration of how we know what liturgical celebrations mean, with a view to learning how liturgy might better work to build a spiritually renewed community.  Toward that end, the group will review current understandings of how liturgy means, with attention to pertinent pastoral projects.

2018 Academy Meeting Agenda

Friday, January 5
Discussion of Mark Johnson, The Meaning of the Body: Aesthetics of Human Understanding (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2008), discussion led by David Hogue

Bruce Hiebert, “The Christian Community: Enacted between memory and hope”

Michelle Whitlock, “One performance, infinite rehearsals: Redefining the Performance of Liturgy”

Michelle Baker-Wright, "Music, Ritual, Immediacy, and Memory: Exploring the Intersections"

Saturday, January 6
Sonja Pilz, “Praying in strange spaces - hybrid Jewish sacred spaces in New York City."

Marit Rong, “Pilgrimage as Individual and Communal Worship”

Allie Utley “Affect Theory and the Study of Liturgy”

Planning for 2019