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Liturgical Music


Heather Josselyn-Cranson, OSL, Convener
Sister Margaret William McCarthy Endowed Chair of Music
Regis College
235 Wellesley St.
Weston, MA 02493
[email protected]

Mission Statement

The Music Seminar devotes its sessions to discussion of liturgy and ritual music 1) through papers by members of the group, 2) around issues, projects and studies about music in rites and 3) by examining new and emerging resources, i.e., hymn collections and musical settings for liturgy. 

2020 Academy Meeting Agenda

Friday, January 3

8:30   Greetings, introductions, catching up on recent work

9:30 Jason McFarland, considering a joint publication on Music in Liturgical Studies

2:15-3:45 Joint Meeting with the Advent Project Seminar

            2:15 Greetings and Introductions, Summary of Past Work

            2:45 Heather Josselyn-Cranson, “The Sounds of Advent: Musical Means Behind a Seasonal Aesthetic”
4:30-6:00 Joint meeting with Advent Project Seminar

            4:30 Recent compositions for Advent: a Singing Session

            5:15 William H. Petersen, “Hidden Treasures: Unsuspected Advent Hymns & Music”

Saturday, January 4

 8:30   Jason McFarland, reading together Kevin Irwin’s Context and Text

11:00 Joint meeting with Medieval Liturgy

2:00 Kim Harris, “The Emergence of Black Roman Catholic Liturgical Music: A Transnational Conversation”

3:15 Planning and Ideas for next year

2018 Academy Meeting Agenda

Friday, January 5
10:30 AM
Introductions, updates, base-touching

Review of the seminar agenda

Kim R. Harris  Sr. Thea Bowman: Liturgical Justice through Black Sacred Song

Michael O’Connor  A Performance of Love:Music and Liturgical Imagination

1:30 PM
Jason McFarland  Music in Liturgical Studies

Mikie Roberts  "A Survey of Caribbean Hymnody"

4:00 PM Preparations for Saturday’s topic and discussion

Saturday, January 6
9:00 AM
Music in Times of Crisis
Steve Janco  The Healing Potential of Music as Ritual Symbol

Troy Messenger  Instrumental Music in Times of Crisis


1:30 PM
Music in Times of Crisis, continued.

Announcements / Planning for future meetings

Discussion about how the seminar convener is chosen