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Problems in the Early History of Liturgy


James Sabak
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Community
11401 Leesville Road
Raleigh, NC 27613
[email protected]


Mission Statement

Our mission is to study issues in Christian and Jewish liturgical history through the early centuries of the Common Era.

2020 Academy Meeting

Friday, January 3
8:30 AM                      Introduction-Agenda

9:00 AM                      Liborius Lumma         
                                   Holy Communion for Children: Issues between the

                                   Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Catholic Churches

2:15 PM                      Martin Lüstraeten       
Exorcism as a challenge to our perception of Christian apologetics

3:00 PM                      Harald Buchinger       
Text - Matter - Ritual: Occasional prayers of the
                                    liturgical year in historical and comparative perspectiv

4:30 PM                      Hugo Méndez            
The Sixth day of the Epiphany in the Early Jerusalem Lectionary

5:15 PM                      Paul Bradshaw           
The Early Jerusalem Lectionary and the Evolution of its Octaves

Saturday, January 5
8:30 AM                      Predrag Bukovec       
                                   terminum figat – Remarks on a Difficult Phrase in the Eucharistic
                                   Prayer of the Traditio Apostolica

9:15 AM                     
Dominic Serra            
John the Deacon: How Roman is His Advice?

10:00 AM                   
Predrag Bukovec       
                                   Extract – On Anaphoral Development

11:00 AM                    Marie-Ange Rakotoniaina      
                                   Time in Late Antique North Africa: Representations and Experiences

11:30 AM                    Nathan Chase            
The Interpolation of the Institution Narrative into BAR

12:00 NOON               Clemens Leonhard    
                                   Languages in the Haggadah of Pesach

2:00 PM                      Anna Petrin                
Influences on the Sanctus of Mystagogical Catechesis 5:
                                   Implications for the Anaphora of St. James

2:30 PM                      Charles Cosgrove      
                                   The Last-Supper Cup and the Greco-Roman Toast:

                                   Resonances of Friendship and Gift-Giving

3:00 PM                      Nathan Chase & Predrag Bukovec   
Institution Narrative and Anaphoral Genesis

3:45 PM                      Concluding Remarks

2019 Academy Meeting Presenters

Stephanie VanSlyke
Anne McGowan
Lizette Larson-Miller
Clemens Leonhard
Martin Luestraeten
Ramez Mikhail
Charles Cosgrove
Nathan Chase
Paul Bradshaw
Hugo Mendez            A Revised Dating of the Old Jerusalem/Armenian Lectionary

2018 Seminar Agenda
Friday, January 5

10:00 AM
Stefanos Alexopoulos   Introduction-Agenda

10:30 AM
Ruth Langer   Rabbinic Prayer and the Popular Synagogue

11:30 AM
Harald Buchinger   Encyclopedic Entries: Liturgy, Greek and Latin Patristics, and Liturgical Books

1:30 PM
Vitaly Permiakov and Daniel Galadza   Rites Without Rubrics: Aspects of the Celebration of the Liturgy of St. James in Antiquity and Its Modern Reception

2:00 PM
Mark Schuler   A Chalcedonian Move? Sixth-Century Modifications to the Churches of Hippos Palaistinēs

2:30 PM
Ramez Mikhail   Increasing Clericalization in the Coptic Liturgy. The Case of the Prothesis

4:00 PM
Martin Lüstraeten  TBA

4:30 PM
Charles Cosgrove  Women's Unbound Hair in Ancient Christian Baptism

5:00 PM Laborius Lumma  What do we know about the Compline psalms in the Rule of the Master?

Saturday, January 6
9:00 AM
Anne McGowan   Principles and Practices of Early Liturgy: An Orientation for Students

9:30 AM
Lizette Larson-Miller TBA

10:00 AM
Dominic Serra   Baptismal Fonts of Rome and the Suburbicarian Sees

10:30 AM
James Sabak   Impeding the Body-Dynamic: Restrictions on the Manner of Celebrating Martyrs’ Vigils in Ancient Roman Practice

11:00 AM
Stephanie VanSlyke TBA

11:30 AM
Mark Morozowich TBA

1:30 PM
Marie-Ange Rakotoniaina   The Baptism of Clovis or the Geopolitics of Liturgy

2:00 PM
Stefanos Alexopoulos Beinecke   1155 and the Introductory Material of the Office of Holy Communion

2:30 PM
Stefanos Alexopoulos   Concluding Remarks