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Queering Liturgy


W. Scott Haldeman
The Chicago Theological Seminary
5757 S. University Avenue
Chicago IL 60637
[email protected]

Mission Statement

Participants in the Queering Liturgy seminar share work at the intersection of LGBTQ religious studies, queer theory and liturgical studies. We seek to discern and develop the ways in which queer sensibilities shape and transform the theological performance of faith communities within the context of worship. Our work includes: criticism and/or deconstruction of normative traditions, especially in regards to gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, ability, class and their intersections; analysis of received liturgical theologies, practices and traditions with a "queer eye;" construction of liturgical theologies and practices based on the generative insights of queer theory; and the revision and creation of ritual practices in light of the particularities of LGBTQ lives.


2020 Academy Meeting Agenda

Thursday 2 January
4:00-6:30pm                greetings, self-introductions, gathering questions, concerns and
                                     project ideas

                                     Bryan Cones: work(s) in progress
                                     open discussion
      Location: “Fandangles” in Sheraton

Friday 3 January

8:30am-10:15am        gathering, self-introductions, our questions/concerns
                                    discussion of questions/concerns raised
2:15pm-3:45pm           gathering, self-introductions
                                    Scott Haldeman: work(s) in progress
                                    discussion of Wilcox, Queer Nuns (especially chapter 5 (173-210)),
                                    and “serious parody” as central to queering liturgy

4:30pm-6:00pm          gathering, self-introductions
                                    final discussion
                                    planning for 2021 (including naming a new convener)
6:30pm                        dinner and discussion
                                    Steph Budwey: update on queer hymnal project
                                    Proposed location: Watershed, 1820 Peachtree NW

2018 Academy Meeting Agenda

Friday, January 5

gathering, self-introductions, our 2018 agenda and our larger hopes

Sharon Fennema, chapter(s) from “a queer liturgy primer”

Bryan Cones, work(s) in progress

Saturday, January 6
Scott Haldeman, “what is queer about a same-sex wedding?”

discussion: how do we survive -in unfriendly institutions -as queer scholars and as allies?

final discussion

-planning for 2019

Any Academy attendees who are interested in joining any part of our conversations should feel free to be in touch with the convener, Scott Haldeman, [email protected], for more information about exact times, locations and any changes in our agenda at any time.