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Liturgy and Comparative Theology

James Farwell, Convener
[email protected]


This seminar puts existing forms of liturgical theology into dialogue with the “new comparative theology,” new theories of religion and religious plurality, and studies of multiple religious belonging and inter-rituality, in order to explore the questions: Is a comparative or inter-religious liturgical theology possible? If so, what forms would it take? And what might be gained by such a project?

2019 Seminar Agenda

Friday, January 4
9:45 AM          Introductions and Check-In

10:00 AM        Engagement of Emma O’Donnell, Remembering the Future: The                        Experience of Time in Jewish and Christian Liturgy (Pueblo, 2015)

1:45 PM          Continued Engagement with O’Donnell’s text

4:15 PM          Discussion of Member Projects

Saturday, January 5
8:45 AM         Joint Session on Multiple Liturgical Belonging:
                      See Agenda of Seminar on Critical Theories and Liturgical Studies

1:30 PM          Seminar Evaluation and Planning for 2020 Meeting

2018 Seminar Agenda
Friday, January 5

10:30 AM        
Introductions, Initial Sketch of Definitions and Issues, moderated by James Farwell

11:00 AM
Discussion of Maria Reis Habito, "Bowing Before Buddha and Allah? Reflections on Crossing Over Ritual Boundaries," in Ritual Participation and Interreligious Dialogue, eds. Marianne Moyaert and Jorish Geldhof (Bloomsbury, 2015), 33-42
1:30 PM
Continue Discussion of Habito, "Bowing Before Buddha and Allah?"

2:00 PM
Ruth Langer Anamnesis in Jewish Liturgy: Themes of Exile and Their Implications

3:30 PM
Claudio Carvalhaes Praying Each Other’s Prayers

Saturday, January 6
9:00 AM
James Farwell Jesus Meets Dōgen Meets Jesus: Gestures toward a Comparative Sacramental Theology

10:30 AM
Update on Member Projects and Sharing of Resources

1:30 PM
Next Steps: Seminar Evaluation and Plans for Denver 2019, moderated by Claudio Carvalhaes