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Seminar on the Way: Liturgical Perspectives on the Lutheran/Roman Catholic Dialog


John Baldovin [email protected]
Thomas Schattauer [email protected]


This new seminar will focus on the specific issues about Eucharist, church, and ministry identified in the ELCA/USCCBdocument "Declaration on the Way," issues that concern thepotential achievement of Lutheran/Roman Catholic full communion. The seminar is open to all members of the
Academy, and its work will proceed from the convictionthat these issues, especially as they affect liturgical practice,rightly concern all Christians.

2018 Seminar Agenda

Friday, January 5
10:30 AM
Initial discussion of the Declaration on the Way document

1:30 PM
Paul Westermeyer and Virgil Funk: Two Church Musicians Reflect on Full Communion Issues

4 PM
Bruce Morrill and Gordon Lathrop On Eucharistic Sacrifice

Saturday, January 6
9:30 AM
Ben Durheim   Sacramental Ethics and Ecumenism
John Baldovin  North American Lutheran Eucharistic Praying

Jennifer Lord and Neil Alexander   Reformed and Episcopalian Responses

Planning for 2019 Election of Convener/Conveners