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Christian Initiation


Diana Dudoit Raiche
Associate Professor of Theology
University of Dallas

1845 East Northgate Drive
Irving, Texas 75062-4736

[email protected]

Mission Statement

The seminar explores the historical record and the pastoral experience of Christian initiation, and considers the implications. What is the vision of church, of discipleship, of conversion and of growth implicit in the rites? How do the rites of initiation affirm and also challenge the initiating communities?

2019 Academy Meeting Agenda

Friday, January 4
10:30 AM-Noon
Check-In and Introductions
Adjustments to the topics and/or times on the agenda
David B. Batchelder: “Christian Initiation in a Post-Truth World”.
Paul Turner: “On Paper and On Air: The Books and Broadcasts of Christian                Initiation of Pope Francis”.  

1:30-3:00 PM
Facilitated discussion on comparable rites for confirmation from three ecclesial traditions:
Gregor Sneddon: bibliography of Anglican rites (he cannot be present)
David Batchelder: “confirmation” in the new Presbyterian
Book of Common Worship
Paul Turner: the new translation of the Order of Confirmation in the
Roman Catholic Church.

4:00-5:30 PM
          Contingency Place Holder: Possible Joint Session TBD in Denver

Saturday, January 5
9:30 AM-Noon 
Steve Wilbricht: Baptismal Ecclesiology and the Orderof Christian Funerals.
Mark Stamm: “‘Intercessions for the Church and the World’ intended for use      within ‘A Service of Christian Marriage I’: Text and Rationale”

1:30-3:00 PM
Updates on the Status of Christian Initiation Seminars and Trainings since 2018:
Chicago LTP, Summer 2018
Diocese of Dallas, August 8, 2018
Dallas Ministry Conference TeamRCIA, October 2018
Other Local Training Sessions

Report for NAAL

Possible Presentations for 2020 based on the purpose of the Christian Initiation Seminar, which asks questions that stand at the intersection of a classic ordo for Christian Initiation and the ongoing formation of the church. 1. What is the vision for the church inherent within these rites? 2. How is that intention both supported and resisted by the church? 3. What historical sources inform us?

2018 Agenda
Friday, January 5
10:30 AM-Noon Check-In and Introductions Adjustments to the topics and/or times on the agenda Vicky Tufano gave an update on the Christian Initiation Seminar held in Chicago (Summer 2017).

1:30-3:00 PM Paul Turner presented on the book Guide for Celebrating® Christian Initiation with Adults (Victoria M. Tufano, Paul Turner, D. Todd Williamson).

David B Batchelder presented on his book, Pathways to the Waters of Grace.

4:00-5:30 PM Timothy Gabrielli presented on his book Confirmation: How a Sacrament of God's Grace Became All about Us.

Paul Turner presented on his Amen Corner on “Conditional Baptism” in Worship.

Saturday, January 6 9:30 AM-Noon Christine Condyles presented a chapter from her dissertation, “‘Rights’ of Christian Initiation: Manifesting Sacramental Grace in Daily Life through a Divinized Nature.”

Steve Wilbricht presented a chapter entitled "What Is 'Baptismal Ecclesiology'?" from his forthcoming book, Baptismal Ecclesiology and the Order of Christian Funerals.