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Academy Membership Overview


A member of the NAAL is either a recognized authority in the field of liturgy, or a person who shares scholarly aims and goals of the Academy and is making a developing contribution to liturgical understanding and practice.

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Criteria for Membership

Typically, members of the Academy meet two of the following criteria:

  • hold a doctorate in some aspect of liturgical studies or the equivalent academic or professional degree
  • hold a professional position through which they contribute to liturgical formation, publishing and speaking
  • hold a prominent professional appointment with their respective religious bodies and actively contribute to the development of liturgy
  • demonstrate a steady and on-going commitment to the field of liturgy, or have contributed to it through work in the allied arts and disciplines

Graduate students are eligible to apply to attend the Annual Meeting when they have moved to the end of their doctoral or equivalent terminal degree programs.

Visitor Status Requirement

Before applying for full membership in the Academy, candidates are ordinarily expected to participate at least twice in the Annual Meeting as approved visitors. Applications are due on November 1 prior to the annual meeting you would like to attend.

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Application for Full Membership

After participation in at least two annual meetings as an approved visitor, a liturgical scholar or practitioner is eligible to become a candidate for membership.

Candidates submit their application package to the Delegate for Membership no later than September 15 of the year prior to the next meeting. The application package includes:

  1. The NAAL Membership Application.
  2. Two letters of recommendation. One is from the convener of the applicant's seminar (or a previous convener). The other is from another academy member outside your seminar. It is the responsibility of the candidate to request the recommendations. We recommend candidates do this no later than August 15 to allow time for those responding to complete their recommendations.

    Those writing letters of recommendation should use the following forms below. You may direct them to this page to download them or download them yourself and provide a copy to each. Your seminar convener and the other member must also complete and submit their letters to the delegate for membership ([email protected]) no later than September 15.

    Please stress that all parts of the form are to be completed. The membership committee takes the narrative sections particularly seriously.
  3. A photograph in digital format (1MB is sufficient)

Membership Application Deadlines

All documents supporting candidacy or reconsideration must be received by September 15 of any year for review by the Admissions Committee before election the following January.

The Membership Committee meets each year, normally in early Fall to consider the applications received and to recommend those candidates it regards as qualified for election by the membership.

By November 1 the chair of the Membership Committee will notify the candidates of the action of the Committee.

Candidates recommended for admission to the Academy will be invited to attend the next Annual Meeting. Candidates who are not able to attend the meeting may be elected in absentia.


If an individual applicant is not successful in being elected to membership in a given year, it is the responsibility of that person to re-open consideration by submitting a renewed application with additional information prior to a regular meeting of the Membership Committee.

Expedited Membership

On occasion the Academy Committee may consider requests for expedited membership to established scholars in the field.

Membership Questions

Membership questions should be directed to the Delegate for Membership:

[email protected]

Scholarship Application

Scholarship forms are due on November 1 prior to the annual meeting you would like to attend.  For information and application for a scholarship, please see our scholarship page: