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Publications and Recognitions

Academy members are invited to submit bibliographical information and a brief description of recent publications and professional recognitions to the Secretary for posting on this page. Information will be posted as received.

Jonathan Hehn and Martha Moore-Keish

Reshaping the Liturgical Tradition: Ecumenical and Reformed,a Festschrift honoring the work of the late Horace T. Allen, Jr.

Comprising the work of many leading liturgical scholars in Reformed and other traditions, Reshaping the Liturgical Tradition is a book that not only looks back to celebrate the moment of a life, but also around to the present liturgical moment and ahead to emerging developments. Flowing from Allen’s work, this book calls the Church to realize in new ways a profoundly ecumenical vision of worship.

Could it be that even when some institutions falter and fail in their progress toward God’s kin-dom, other movements arise that embody the unity of the Church in unexpected forms?

Timothy Brunk
The Sacraments and Consumer Culture

"What does consumerism have to do with the sacraments? We live in cultures where our senses of meaning, identity, and purpose are often found in what we purchase. Apart from the question of hedonism, there is the question of how we orient ourselves in an environment in which we end up marketing our very selves. In this book, Timothy Brunk examines how this consumer culture has had a corrosive effect on the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church. He also assesses how sacramental worship can provide resources for responsible Christian discipleship in today's consumer culture."

Claudio Carvalhaes
Liturgies from Below: Praying with People at the End of the World

"A collection of prayers, songs, rituals, rites of healing, Eucharistic and baptismal prayers, meditations and art from four continents: Asia-Pacific Islands, Africa, Americas, and Europe... [from] among the poor [facing] the major issues of violence and destruction around the world today."

Joris Geldof
Liturgical Theology as a Research Program

"Starting from a reflection about the non-evident place of liturgical theology, [this essay makes the attempt] to give it a fitting profile again on the basis of its genealogy in the Liturgical Movement" (From the preface).

Frank Senn
(Editor),Protestant Spiritual Traditions, Volume 2 (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2020). Introduction by Frank C. Senn. Essays on "Baptist Spirituality" (Nathan Nettleton), "Quaker Spirituality" (Cherice Bock), "Evangelical Spiritualities" (Todd E. Johnson and Janna Goselin), "Pentecostal Spirituality" (Connie Au), "East Asian Protestant Spirituality: (Joung Chul Lee), "The Body in Protestant Spirituality" (Frank C. Senn).

The original Protestant Spiritual Traditions, Edited by Frank C. Senn (Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 1986) is being reprinted by Cascade Books as Volume 1 with a new Preface to Volumes 1 and 2 by Frank C. Senn. Introduction by Frank C. Senn. Essays on "Lutheran Spirituality" (Frank C.Senn), "Reformed Spirituality" (Howard G. Hageman), Anabaptist Spirituality" (Peter C. Erb), "Anglican Spirituality" (Paul V. Marshall), "Puritan Spirituality" (E. Glenn Hinson), "Pietism: 'The Fire of God Which Flames in the Heart of Germany'" (John Weborg), "Methodist Spirituality" (David Lowes Watson).  

Richard Vosko
Art and Architecture for Congregational Worship: The Search for a
Common Ground

"After addressing polarizing issues germane today the book launches into topics
pertaining to the art of ritual making, beauty, art, and architecture. It explores how to
balance traditional and modern forms to create egalitarian places of worship. Future
houses of worship are envisioned as “servant” buildings where communities will
gather to pray and take care of one another.

“Trends in Christian Places of Worship: Similarities and Differences” in
Hovorun, Cyril (ed.) Sacred Architecture in East and West (Los Angeles, CA:
Marymount Institute Press, 2019).

Project Awards:
2019 Interfaith Design/Faith& Form Award for Interior Liturgical Design — Butler
Memorial Chapel, Tarrytown, NY

2019 Interfaith Design/Faith&Form Award for Interior Restoration — St. Anthony
Church, Schenectady, NY